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The scars
My shipping of the two characters of my own, Hailey Pollume and Franzis Adler ^w^ :happybounce: 
Sorry about the super long story. This was gnawing at my head wanting to be told. Also if you cannot see the burn scars of Franzis, no worries gonna re-do the art in the future....:D (Big Grin) 

Backstory on their scars

Both Franzis and Hailey's scars happened in consecutive missions. Both of their scars are recent wounds of near death. Hailey's scar reaches the whole length of her right side abdomen. Her body has weathered many kinds of explosion throughout her years in the guerrilla group. However, on a particular mission on fuel tanker hijack, one of the fuel trucks exploded. Hailey was blown back by the explosive force of the fuel truck. A piece of metal sheet impaled her as she was blown back by the force. Klarisa, her sister, was completely in shock about Hailey's current situation and shouted towards Tonii to tell the group to pull back and forget about the mission. Another tragedy struck the group just as Tonii is about to order the retreat. Franzis was close by sniper support near one of the fuel trucks they managed to capture, when a stray bullet hit the tanker cause a sudden fire torch on the tanker. The fire happened so fast that it caught Franzis by surprise and burned the whole left side of his face. Franzis screamed with a blood curling pain as he rolled on the hard road. Tonii immediately sound the retreat and grabbed Franzis and lifted him on his shoulders, while Hailey was helped with Alexei and Mica. Both were grimacing in pain as Mica and Klarisa helped to ensure Hailey doesn't lose a lot of blood and Alexei assessing the extent of Franzis' injuries.

Just as they reached back to a hidden government base, Hailey fainted due to excessive blood loss and the flesh on Franzis' left side of the face was peeling off. Hailey was sent to immediately to the surgery room where doctors worked to remove the metal sheet stuck at Hailey's body. The doctors were horrified with the damage as the metal sheet had almost gone through her body. the metal sheet also broke a few ribs. Slowly but surely they remove the metal sheet to ensure no further blood loss and immediately work to mend the broken rib bones and close up the wound. Another group of doctors worked on Franzis' face. They decided to cut the whole cheek of Franzis' left side of the face as the burns has made the flesh irrecoverable.

After the surgery, both Franzis and Hailey were placed in the same ICU ward. Hailey had a breathing apparatus strapped to her face, while Franzis had the whole left side of his face covered with bandages. Franzis awoke first and look at Hailey just in front of him. He then walked towards Hailey staggering with a few steps. Looking at Hailey's pale face, his tears welled up at his right eye, he grabbed a chair that was close to her and sat down next to Hailey holding her hand. The rest of the group came back to see Franzis sleeping on the chair with his right hand on Hailey's left hand. After a week, Hailey regained her conscious and immediately felt pain in her abdomen. Franzis, who slept by her side everyday was awakened by Hailey's grunt of pain. Franzis slowly hugged Hailey as he sobbed uncontrollably knowing that she's alive. The rest of the group came in to see Hailey smiling with teary eyes, hugging Franzis back. The group gathered around the both of them, especially Klarisa who hugged both Franzis and Hailey. From that fateful mission, Franzis and Hailey were always supporting each other in every mission.

(NOTE: This original character of mine is from a fictional series of my own. If there is any person or group with the names above are purely coincidental)
Fifth Character of my own series
Codename: Raging Rhino
Name: Alexei Moriman
Age: 16
Age when kidnapped: 12
Origin: Russia
Weapon skill: Shotguns
Class Type: Breacher and Close quarters expert
Bio: Alexei was a troubled kid back at his home country in Russia. His mother dotes on him with complete love while his father was an authoritarian person, as he was holding a rank of Captain in the Russian Army. One fine day, Alexei's mother brought him to a holiday trip to the beach of Gren Semura. He didn't enjoy the holiday at all when he first arrived. After constant pressure from his mother, he gave in and tried to enjoy the holiday. However, it was short lived. The guerrilla group called the Sons of del Fuego has attacked the beach resort they are in. Alexei and his mother were kidnapped and they were separated from each other. During his captivity in the guerrilla camp, he can hear the screams of his mother when she was taken away from him everyday. the guerrilla recorded all of the captives they have taken in a live telecast feed and demanded a huge ransom pay from the governing body to ensure of the safe return. However, the governing body did not believe that it is real and denied the guerrilla group of the ransom pay. The guerrilla group then executed all of the adult captives in front of the young children captives, which also includes Alexei and his mother. Ever since the execution had taken place, that particular day was called the "Day of Unheard". Alexei vowed to kill all of the guerrilla members that have done their worst deeds to his late mother, but he knows that he needs willing fighters and firepower to do an uprising. Fortunately, his luck came through as the guerrilla group is putting a whole division that consists of mainly dead weight like foreign child captives. This is where he meets the few fighters that shared the same fate during the "Day of Unheard"

(NOTE: This original character of mine is from a fictional series of my own. If there is any person or group with the names above are purely coincidental)
Girl's night out with Evlynn and Hailey
Hailey's first time wearing a gown/dress(however you guys call it).
Considering her body size and build for her dress, she looks kinda cute and beautiful IMO....:happybounce: La la la la 
Evlynn Chearus
Joined the War Animals PMC group by her own free will
She was an orphan doing anything and everything to survive in the harsh world
Her parent died due to the war between governing body and the guerrilla group called Sons of del Fuego
She was scouted by both Pollume sisters when she was 17 years old.
Her weaponry skills are all average but in equal level among each type of weapons.
This makes her a Jack-of-all-trades in the War Animals group
In addition to that, her adaptability to different situations are highly noticeable by the original members. 
(NOTE: This is a Fictional character of mine. If anybody wishes to use her, please CONTACT me first before using her. If there is any person or group with the names above are purely coincidental


Tony Cheah
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
A hobbyist everyone else ^w^>
Pencil art starter

very open to critiques and/or suggestions for art improvement



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Samberg Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017
Thanks for the Watch Tony!!
ReaverZimmZ Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
anytime.... may use some of your art as reference:D (Big Grin) 
Samberg Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017
sounds pretty cool!
Use it as a reference if you like it my friend

Have a great week, Tony!!
LadyVioli Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
Thank you kindly for the watch dear! I hope you end up enjoying the work to come. ^^
ReaverZimmZ Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Airaly Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch^^
Burstinax Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for favs and watch! The Moonstone's is really...mor elike felt I was in it...though only just a dream/vision...ahhh but the is more you should see that I tell in truths of other werewolf dreams had had.....not to mention, ever feeling real.
ReaverZimmZ Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
you're welcome. I always RP by myself at home as though i am in your series as well....haha
i tend to do this in many series either by watching or reading. 

One question is FMH and Plat. wolves related to each other or just series by themselves?
Burstinax Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
..Well, that is...I really dunno what to say....O.O

Any who, on explaining your question as best as can put it without over saying.....I hope..not over explaining all this...

P.W. (Platinum Wolves)  is the Guild I was first approached by through AQW (Adventure Quest Worlds) MMORPG. That's where my time to shine came in. However, PW is not only of AQW, but outside of it an web of it's own, which I helped build with others, but after long time passed, many couldn't keep up with it due to real life probs and etc.

FMH (Full Moon's Heat) is based off of AQW and The Platinum Wolves Clan. Platinum Wolves and FMH are based and related, yes. FMH is to me, was going to be my "ace card story". So I thought, but it still lacks an ending to, and so much more reconstruction is in progress with it, yet, what have up of it have only 21 chapters of it (have total of about 29 chaps and no ending yet, but shall get one in sometime......, plus few future parts long after events of FMH saga/story, which I call just for now, "Full Moon's Heat Future Parts".

NOTE to you, others and myself: lil to some characters within my works are PW based and AQW gamer friends based; they my friends and bros and sister werewolves/etc allowed me to use their characters within my works. BUT I did change however their names a bit (put middle names to them and last names) Some of characters made completely up, to show that I'm not only taking what I know and using others material gamer names or OC's. I practically show; made up ones and based ones, with further a character(s) feelings; my feelings in general for some and what I experienced in life, but this fantasy life is a "Reflection" of my dream world or TV anime world, that would like to see  become more vivid in time upon TV screens and etc.

And to share it with many for inspiration, fun, some serious speeches within, and etc. especially to say that, "I got this because of many who were there and supported my ideas, and helped them grow into what is seen overtime. I'm thankful for them helping me, and this was all because of them". (you guys and more)

Planned on having someday...with lot of patience....have my works become manga anime series and TV anime for Toonami: Adult Swim or elsewhere depending on how I budget or they help me in return of certain agreements and etc.though sadly, I think my dream of anime TV series and etc. is way out there yet.....since I don't have finished and solid story works yet, I don't think anyone is willing to want to make full anime of it, til it gets polished up and is completed with lil to flawless structures.

Ah but, I do have promotional Tf artworks, based off of my werewolf characters, have many to come of them too form FMH and other stories. Some of my stories are not based off PW and are truly about me (dreams/visions though can't remember some to bits and pieces of em except few of em and recorded best my knowledge of what was allowed to see in them) or differ werewolfs and not aprt of Pw and stuff....

I...hope that helped lots to answer your question? But if not, I will try to explain more and if have any other questions, please ask me, and I will try to answer as best as I can.^^

- Sincerely yours,

~ Burstinax Lunaris Wolfheart

aka for short B.L. Wolfheart or BLW  (real name Tyler W. Fluit)
ReaverZimmZ Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I see... Thanks for the info!
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